25 April 2013

Catch & Release Of 50Kg Ray

On the night of 23rd April, I had just returned from work. I wasted no time in preparing all my things to go fishing and I did not even bother to have my dinner first. I headed straight out to East Coast Park alone where I arrived at half past seven.

First bait and first cast. Upon casting my big rod, as usual, I had to wait. But after waiting for about 30-40minutes, my rod started to tip and shake slightly like as though a small fish was feeding on my bait. I didn’t want to waste time waiting as I was afraid my bait was going to be eaten up, so I went down to check my rod. As soon as I held my rod, the fish pulled my line. Whoa, it was all out to get me. When I pulled my rod, it resisted and pulled back. When I reeled my line in for about 10 metres, it fought me back by pulling around 20 metres of my line! What a fighter!

After fighting like crazy, I was almost going to give up because I was all alone and I had no friends by my side to help me take over the rod. But after some thought, I decided to call my friends to come and help, one of them from Simei, and the other from Marine Parade. After fighting for about an hour on my own, my sidekicks came to help me. Ah! Finally, I could take some rest! After resting my hands and body for about 10 minutes, I continued fighting with the monster. By the time it gave up fighting with me, it was already past 11pm. My gosh, I’ve been fighting from 8.40pm and the fish was finally giving up and giving way to me.

After I’ve landed the fish on shore, someone offered me $50 for the monster. And I was like, such a monster, I’ve fought for 3 hours for, and he’s going to bring it home to have a good feast??! Ain’t no way I’m giving it up easily for $50! But within minutes, he said to me, "Okay, you release the fish, I give you $100,” Ahh.. Since it’s going to be a hassle bringing home the monster on my bicycle all alone, I thought, alright. Deal.

So goodbye monster ray, and hello $$$KACHINGS$$$!


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