19 September 2012

Finally..! This is it..!

Before this, my line has snapped 7 times.. Today is the day that ive been waiting for.. Even if it isnt that big.. But im really thankful for today's catch! Even though my line has snapped so many times.. But i never gave up and kept going at my hunt for a 


First cast and my First bait, i waited for about an hour.. At exactly 1pm, my drag was screaming real loudly..! Without me realising, my rod was being pulled to the extremes by the RAY.. At that point of time i must have been about 20m away from my rod.. And my friend who was near my rod was shouting for me.. I bolted to my rod as though i was chased by a mad dog and grabbed my rod. I tightened my tension and pumped as hard as i could.. It was a reasonably short battle as it could only last 30-40 minutes before she gave in and was pulled to shore.. This year it's been twice that i lost to this monster.. But today.. SHE WAS DEFEATED IN MY HANDS. MUAHAHAHAHA...


(Oh and did you know.. She had two babies in her stomach and i squeezed them out and set them off back to the waters.. Maybe one day.. They'll come looking for me to take revenge for their mum.. And i shall wait for that very day.. *EVIL SMILE*)


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